Wide Format System Purchasing Options Purchase * Lease * Rental

When considering your next wide format print system acquisition several options are available Purchase, Lease or Rental each with specific benefits that may be best for your company.


  • You will own the equipment, therefore agreements and arrangements related to purchasing supplies and maintenance are determined by negotiation and may change based on economic conditions.
  • You have the option to sell the equipment when you are finished with it, allowing you to recover some of the cost for your next purchase.
  • Easily trade-in or sell the equipment when new technology is available
  • Tax incentives under Section 179 of the IRS Tax and depreciation advantages.


  • The benefit of leasing ensures your company can easily acquire updated technology on a pre-scheduled basis, avoiding the potential for outdated technology.
  • Less up-front expense with leasing with predetermined payments for a fixed period. Eliminates cash flow effects of a lump sum purchase.
  • Leasing is often 100% tax-deductible as an operational expense under the 179 IRS Tax Code.
  • Internal Departments no longer have to request capital funds to purchase new machines (equipment will be upgraded through program).

CPC Rental

  • Cost per Copy is a program that maximizes savings by combining the equipment, maintenance and supplies into one low cost contract with a single vendor source.
  • The cost for each copy is fixed (Example: $0.06 per page), regardless of the number of copies made daily, weekly or monthly. The price includes: toner/ink, maintenance, guaranteed service intervals, dedicated service personnel, and ongoing unlimited support.
  • Automatic transition to new technology based on rental terms and agreements
  • Departments will no longer have to request capital funds to purchase new machines (equipment will be upgraded through program).
  • Each of the above programs have benefits to meet the specific needs of your company. Scheduling a professional demonstration and a review of your company’s requirements will ensure that a decision is based on the best solution.
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