Your wide format print system is aging, it continues to print when needed and most importantly it has no expense other than supplies and occasional maintenance. So why consider a new product…Impact on the efficiency of your business!

Over the past three years the technology in wide format printing has made incredible improvements including.

  • Product Range – In previous years purchase options were limited, customers were forced into a product rather than having the option to purchase based on daily, weekly or monthly requirements.
  • Print Speed – The average speed of today’s print systems are much faster due to file processing speeds now incorporated in each system.
  • Media Sizes & Range – Media is now available in 300’, 500’ and 650’ rolls in a range of weights and types for printing of technical documents and high quality graphics with the same print system.
  • Media Capacity – Print Systems are now available with 1, 2, 4 and 6 roll capacity to increase productivity.
  • Multi-Function Systems – Units are now available with scan systems embedded to increase productivity and costs related to outsourcing additional services.
  • Security – New print systems work seamlessly with the latest operating systems reducing concerns related to the threat of virus or hacking.
  • Cost – New print systems operate much more efficiently similar to today’s automobiles – dramatically reducing the amount of supplies used and the overall cost of printing.

The industry has a number of high quality manufacturers developing an unlimited number of products to meet the demand of any department, division or company. Scheduling a professional demonstration with a product expert will ensure a positive experience and the purchase of a quality product.

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