If you are considering an upgrade or making the decision to purchase your first large-format printer, investing the time to have an industry professional show you the features and benefits of the equipment will save you time, money and long-term frustration!

  • Websites & Brochures – Don’t always provide enough information to make a truly informed decision. As an example equipment, print speeds can be deceiving. Brochures will state that a system can produce anywhere between 2 to 30 prints per minute.

However, this information is based on the best possible scenario. You may find that that your specific file type, file size, and image coverage may dramatically affect the actual prints speed and production volumes.

  • Technology – The wide format industry offers two standard technologies inkjet and Selecting the technology that best fits a companies needs is too often based on the initial purchase cost of the print system rather than the consideration for the long-term costs associated with both technologies. Scheduling a demonstration to understand your printing volumes, peak demands and quality requirements will ensure that you have the knowledge to make an informed decision.
  • Supplier Satisfaction – Your wide format print device is an integral part of your daily business, downtime or delays related to these printers can severely affect your revenue stream. Taking the time to visit your potential new vendor will give you the knowledge and confidence to ensure that they are dedicated to your success and not simply to making another machine sale.

Making the decision to have a product demonstration will certainly cost you time. However, the investment in time will likely be rewarded with a purchase of a product that best fits your needs and a new vendor relationship that gives you confidence in your decision for many years.

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