KIP High-Definition Print (HDP) Technology

There are many similarities to each and every large-format printing device regardless of the manufacturer. The main idea of a large-format printing device is it prints high quality blueprints or posters sized anywhere between (24) inches and even beyond (60) inches. However, in the early 2000’s KIP discovered a way to take a traditional toner printer (one that uses a developer unit and a waste toner bottle to dispose of excess toner in the machine) and allow the printer to “recycle” the excess toner back into its original toner cartridge. Thus the High-Definition Print Technology was developed and applied to all KIP toner printers.

KIP HDP Technology allows for a few different advances to take place within the large-format world. I will list and discuss a few of these items:

  • 100% Toner Efficiency: The KIP printers have no use for a traditional developer unit and waste toner bottle. This allows the technology to transfer toner from the drum magnetically and recycle the waste toner back into its original toner cartridge. Thus making the KIP 100% toner efficient. The KIP uses 100% of the toner in its cartridge and has no need for a waste bottle to be taken out of the machine and replaced. Once the toner cartridge is empty, simply take out them empty cartridge, recycle, and replace with a new cartridge. This also allows the KIP products to maintain the LOWEST toner cost of operation in the industry.
  • LED Print Head Calibration: Individual pixel calibration provides consistent levels of grayscale throughout the entire image.
  • Image Smoothing Technology: Eliminates jagged edges on grayscale circles and diagonal lines.
  • Mechanical Components: With the developer unit being taken out of the machine completely with HDP Technology, it allows the KIP products to have at least one less moving part to reduce mechanical failures.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about KIP’s HDP Technology, or you have any general questions regarding the KIP products, please contact Clifford-Wald a KIP Company at (800)575-1545 or email Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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