Clifford-Wald has over 70 years of industry experience specializing in large format equipment & supplies from Epson, KIP, HP & Canon. Clifford-Wald serves the Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Government & Graphic Arts industries. We pride ourselves for our experienced & knowledgeable sales/service staff to make the recommendations that will best meet the needs of our customers.

Company Overview

We have made it an ongoing priority to stay current with evolving technology in the world of wide format imaging hardware and software. This has allowed us to make the recommendations that will best serve the needs of our customers. Each year Clifford-Wald devotes the resources necessary to ensure our technical staff is up to date on training.


Our customers can rely on competitive pricing with quick processing & delivery of their supply needs. Our supply inventory includes:

  • Engineering and Inkjet media
  • Epson, HP and Canon ink products
  • OEM toner for KIP and Xerox equipment

Financing Options

Clifford-Wald offers an entire range of financing and acquisition options including:

  • Straight purchase
  • Term leases with $1 or FMV purchase options
  • Cost Per Copy