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Wide Format System Purchasing Options Purchase * Lease * Rental

When considering your next wide format print system acquisition several options are available Purchase, Lease or Rental each with specific benefits that may be best for your company.


  • You will own the equipment, therefore agreements and arrangements related to purchasing supplies and maintenance are determined by negotiation and may change based on economic conditions.
  • You have the option to sell the equipment when you are finished with it, allowing you to recover some of the cost for your next purchase.
  • Easily trade-in or ...
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Your wide format print system is aging, it continues to print when needed and most importantly it has no expense other than supplies and occasional maintenance. So why consider a new product…Impact on the efficiency of your business!

Over the past three years the technology in wide format printing has made incredible improvements including.

  • Product Range – In previous years purchase options were limited, customers were forced into a product rather than having the option to purchase based on daily, weekly or ...
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Thank you for visiting and welcome to Clifford Wald. Established in 1949, Clifford-Wald specializes in wide-format imaging products and supplies throughout Illinois and Northwest Indiana. We cater to a large number of vertical markets including:

  • Engineering & Construction Industry
  • Contractor & Supply Companies
  • Large & Small Manufacturers
  • Utility and Telecommunication Organizations
  • National, Local & Civil Government Agencies
  • Reprographic Industry

Our reputation is built on offering the dependable, high quality technical support. All of our technicians are factory trained and require routine certification to maintain the highest support ...

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If you are considering an upgrade or making the decision to purchase your first large-format printer, investing the time to have an industry professional show you the features and benefits of the equipment will save you time, money and long-term frustration!

  • Websites & Brochures – Don’t always provide enough information to make a truly informed decision. As an example equipment, print speeds can be deceiving. Brochures will state that a system can produce anywhere between 2 to 30 prints per minute.

However, ...

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